Crawl Space Repair


The crawl space is the space between your house foundation and the floor. A problem in your crawl space is one of the main reasons why cracks are developing around the doors, why the windows won’t close properly and why the airing is not as good inside the house. Several steps must be taken to do a successful crawl space repair and encapsulation. We will mention all the important steps that are taken when we visit your property, to make sure that we repair the problems in your crawl space.


Make sure to prepare the crawl space properly before starting to work with it. At first, if there is any standing water on the ground of the crawling space, you want to consult a professional because standing water can be a problem for electric issues when you start working on fixing the crawling space. Then you should empty the crawling space from everything that is in there. You should remove any debris and any rocks, everything that is going to interfere with fixing the crawling space.

Insulate Vertical Walls

Starting from the walls is the best thing to do when you want to repair your crawling space. At first, you must make sure that you leave enough space between the walls and the ceiling of the crawling space. This space is necessary for airing and for the termite inspector at the same time. You start by applying the insulator on the walls and making sure that all of them are covered. This will keep the water out and secure your crawling space. Also, see if the insulator is mold resistant and waterproof. You can use materials such as cellulose or spray foam to do this process.

Pipes Insulation

When you start insulating your crawling space you first start with the immovable objects that is why you should start with the walls. From the walls, you should then move to the pipes and all the objects that have penetrated the ceiling and the floor. This is because these are the most sensitive areas that can bring the water inside. While insulating, you have to make sure to cover everything. Start from the top and then tape everything to the bottom of the crawling space.

Last Step

Columns are by far the most difficult ones to insulate. So you want to make sure that you do a great job while you are tapping them. As with the pipes insulation you start from the top and you keep tapping until the bottom. You must be careful to choose the right kind of tape. First, use a double-sided construction tape and then proceed on the vapor barrier. Once you have insulated everything then your crawling space is ready and you shouldn’t have any more problems.